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[11 Sep 2006|07:21pm]
Well nothing on finding Ree....

Perhaps I should just stop trying z_z

Lee-kun gomen nasai for not being around and leaving so abruptly!! Please do not be upset ;.; *cuddles tightly*

I have not heard much from Kyuubi-chan, I hope you are well ^^ I am missing everyone ever so much!

I hope you are well Ino, we must go to the beach when I return....Tsunade, how is it for the Chunnin examination ._.;
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[31 Aug 2006|11:11am]
Well both Kyuubi and Ree are away....

I am currently in my Konoha residence with Lee-kun, taking care of him after unfortunate recent events have occured.....Things are looking a little better on his behalf...Healing well...

I must speak with Tsunade about the chunnin examinations, get that organised as soon as it is possible too...

Ino and myself met also recently, it was a pleasing encounter....I have missed her company very much so, once Lee-kun is fully recovered I think I shall spend more time with her you know what I mean Ino ;P *grins*

A lot of things seemed to have changed since I was away...Onii-chan, what are you doing now? you are still busy with Kiba-kun?
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[20 Aug 2006|06:11pm]

I have not heard from anyone in a while.....I was hoping to see Kyuubi this evening, and lost count of the days of not hearing from Ree-kun.....

I think I will go see Tsunade later...Organise the exams.....*nods*

Ja ne....
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[14 Aug 2006|09:51am]
I am back from my mission.....

Still no sign of Ree...

Kyuubi has gone camping with Shikamaru....

Hn....I might go train with Aya when I see her.....Spent some time with Lee, making ramen and such....I enjoyed it, your company is always welcome....I have not seen much of anyone lately, perhaps I will make visits later if I have time....
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[10 Aug 2006|08:06pm]
May I make one thing clear to you all!

I am not breaking up with Kyuubi and Ree!

Who ever put that idea into your head is clearly mistaken!!

Now please! Instead of gossiping about my personal life! Perhaps training for the chunnin examinations would be a little more appropriate!

Nii-san where did you hear this from anyway?!
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[05 Aug 2006|08:19pm]
I have been given a mission, so will be gone for a while....

I shall inform you later of my return....

Gomen Kyuubi...Ree.....I love you both dearly...I just need to do something for a while....*sighs*...Please, no one try to find me, I would preferably like to remain on my own for the time being...strictly business only....
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[03 Aug 2006|04:42pm]
Kankurou seems to be returning to Suna...which is sort of nice, I have missed his annoying presence :3 ♥

I have spent most my time doing paper work and with MY Kyuubi-chan *coughs and eyes Ino and Tayuaya* >_>, it is so adorable when he changes into his cub form X3 otherwise he is just sexy >u>, I am not sure where the others are, though I did spend time with Lee-kun which was very nice indeed ^_^ I must say I enjoyed myself...We made rice balls! though they did not last too long ._.;

Still miss Ree-kun ^^; I saw him the other day, but he disappeared ><;;!! perhaps we will see him again soon I just hope nothing has happened to him ._.

((OOC: Im afraid the chunnin exams are gona be later x.x when mina arrives back, coz my driving test is booked for tomorrow so i havent had time to prepare >.<;;; sorry!!! ;__; well this will give us more time to find more characters and also get people into groups >m> HOW MANY SENSEI'S DO WE HAVE? >:l))
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All is well~ [30 Jul 2006|09:21am]
[ mood | Slightly dizzy ^^; ]

Such an eventful week z.z;;

I am so exhausted, I do not know how many tea's I have had to try keep awake....I gave Kyuubi most of my chakara to aid Ree's reserrection....Then took them too Lien's house when they fell unconcious ^_^; bandanged them up, cleaned their wounds, stayed up all night tending to them and gave Kyuubi quite a large amount of my blood to stablize him x.x; I have felt slightly dizzy since then, but all is well, at least they are safe....

Ree has been resting a lot but is recovering well....Kyuubi is now awake and almost fully recovered...

Back to the chunnin exams I suppose ^^; gomen nasai for the wait...I will get right to it now...

Ano...Tsunade-chan, I do not suppose you have any stronger herbs to regenerate chakara levels do you? Mine are running low and it is getting slightly challenging to produce it on demand ^^;

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[25 Jul 2006|03:27pm]
Well we are all preparing for the chunnin examinations ^__^; busy busy!

Everyone must get into their teams and train!!! You have a lot to prepare for!!!

And, ano, no one seen Ree-chan yet ^_^;;? Perhaps I shall try asking do not mind? Can we talk?

Ano, I think that is all for now, gomen, I shall update you all again more on the Chunnin exams soon!!

Anyone would care to be a reporter for us?

Kyuubi-chan! Where are you lately? >.> I LOVE YOU *blows chu's to you!*
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CHUNNIN EXAMS!!!! information!!!! [19 Jul 2006|09:12pm]
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Please sign up if you would like to take the exams!!!! Reply to this message using the following application....


These examinations can be unexpected and difficult, please prepare yourself well.... All together there shall be 3 individual rounds...

1) Written examination
2) Forest examination
3) Final examination

If you have any queries get in contact with your sensei's asap.
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[14 Jul 2006|06:31pm]
Well days have been eventful!

I am organising the chunnin exams with Tsunade >.>

Kyuubi and myself have been having fun getting to know one another more *grins and chuckles* he looks rather dashing in that new pink bow u.u *coughs*

I have given both Sakura-chan and Lee-kun jobs for the month towards the chunnin examination! Aid our young ninja's ^__^

Also saw Kankurou-chan >.> We had a little disagreement at first X/ but got over it soon ^-^; let us not do that again ne Nii-chan?

6.6 what else...9.9 what else....Ah! I met Aya-chan ^__^ she seems lovely! very sweet indeed :3 I would like to meet her again sometime ^__^ perhaps one day she may join us in Suna? 9u9 *nodnod*

And also...Before I go....T__T


Sumimasen I just had to get that out ._.;; *toddles away and hides under Kyuubi's shirt*
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[06 Jul 2006|07:54am]
6w6 Alright, so Kyuubi-chan is going to be joining us in Suna ^_^ Sakura-chan, Lee-kun, you must meet him soon :3 you shall both hopefully be working beside him during your time here...

Ano, if it is possible, can we meet up sometime soon O_o; I have not heard from either of you in a little while now...I feel concerned from this >.>;

>.> Ree-kun, where did you disappear of too? I hope you are behaving yourself ne....u.ú

Ah, and Ino-chan ^__^ I sent off the package with your clothing inside! I hope you like it! :3

See you all soon!!!

Sabaku No Gaara~
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*high on icing sugar* [03 Jul 2006|04:53pm]
I made fox and bird shaped cookies OwÓ!!!

I do not think I should have eaten the rest of the icing sugar on my own because now I feel a little hyper I have already ran around suna twice and almost lifted the school up in a demonstration of my sand and now I am trying to find Ree-kun or Kyuubi-chan though I think perhaps they are off training though I believe Kyuubi could be in Konoha right now I am not too sure maybe I should see him again later and OH MY GOODNESS I feel so alive right now @_@ *inhales a deep breath*

INO-CHAAAAAN I got you a little something I hope you like it it seems to go well with the girls in Suna I figured it would suit you it is really cute and quite sexy for like nightclubbing I guess or you could wear it to the beach as it is summer and pretty hot outside but it is up to you ^-^ *another deep breath*

OwÓ I have to go to the elders now and give them forms for those applying to the chunnin examinations Tsunade sama we should work discuss this further and work out the time the chunnin examinations are set because I think I need to arrange for a group travel if it is going to be held in Konoha again and see what you think with a few issues etc!

WHERE IS LIEN-CHAN!?!?!?!? I wish to hang out sometime in our spare time!!! :D ♥

*one final last breath*............................Okay I believe that is all for now may you all have a good day and I shall see you all again soon I hope!!!


Kaze-chan~ :D
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[25 Jun 2006|08:08am]

I am getting a little irritated and impatient with this...

Alright...Sakura-chan, Lee-kun...Let us go...

Anyone else is joining us?

I am going back to Suna, I am tired of waiting.....I am always having to wait.....

I will talk with you later Haku about this, do not worry, I shall still make it to your wedding...I just...Cannot keep my job on the hold anylonger alright.....Sumimasen...
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[19 Jun 2006|04:14pm]

Right!!! Tsunade-san, where may I find you u_u I have a gift for you!

Sakura! We should go out for dinner sometime!!!

Ree-kuuun!!! I want to ask you something >w> and show you something....9w9 and talk to you about something else o_o woooOOOOooooOOOOooo!!I sound like a man of mystery nee? >:D

I shall be leaving Konoha sooooon!!! max two weeks! My people need me T_T *dramatic moment*

Ah!!! I got this really CUTE bikini with a sarong! O_O Ino! We should go to the beach sometime!!!
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KONNICHIWA [12 Jun 2006|07:52pm]
Neeeeeeeee!!!!! I am back for a short while!!! Well...>.> actually, I need to discuss with a few individuals about exchanges and such....

Sakura-san u_u when you have some free time, I hope you do not mind >w>....


WHERE IS MY REE-KUUUN >w<;;!!! I have missed you so SO much!!!! We must meet soon!!! I could not find you at the house....o_o;; Are you well?.....I shall find you later tonight okay ^-^!!!! ♥ Aishiteru >3<;;!!!!

HAKU-CHAN! Where are you? I have wanted to see you for quite a while now, gomen nasai for not being around so much ): I have been so busy lately, how are things with you and Sai-san?

Oh! Lien-chan! >:3 I hope to see photo's and hear of your stories!!! 9w9 how it all went hai hai!!! I look forward to seeing you soon :D

I hope to see you all real soon!!! ♥~
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[01 Jun 2006|06:38pm]
Hai hai, well I am packing, I shall be leaving tomorrow ^-^!!!

Ree-kun, not too sure what you are wanting to do, so far I shall just be going back to Suna on my own, you can stay in Konoha with Kyuubi if you really would like ^-^;; I am not too sure I will be able to spend much time there with you anyway...Gomen....

And Sakura-san, arigatou for filling out the application, I shall hand it in and then prepare a room for you to stay in alright....I hope you have a good week and I shall talk to you again soon when I return...!!!

Ino-chan! Gomen nasai for not being able to join you for a party ._.;; ano, perhaps when I return? ^-^;; we shall make it eventually! I promise!!!

And one thing I regret to say ._.;; Gomen Jani-san and Lien-chan, I am not too sure I will be able to make your wedding ^-^;; you have both waited a while, I hope to see plenty of photo's none-the-less!! Save me some wedding cake nee!! And good luck Lien-chan X3 hehehehe!! I am sure you both will have a very enjoyable time!!!

Also gomen to Tsunade-sama ^-^;; I know I promised dinner, but things have been rather hetic at the moment! Please feel free to 'pounce' on me when I return! I shall make sure we go back out for dinner! I am looking forward to it!!!

Everyone look after yourselves!!!! I shall see you all soon I hope!!!


Sabaku No Gaara
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Preparing to leave [29 May 2006|10:19am]
Ohayou!! ^-^!

I took Lien out to breakfast the other day! It is nice spending time with him :3 A fellow uke to bond with u_u ♥~

Annnd Kyuubi-chan came around the other day which was a nice surprise ^-^! *hehehehe* I bathed him and did his hair XD I have to say UuÚ looks rather dashing!

Anooo....^-^;; I am not too sure where Ree-kun is though...Heh.... ._.;;

I heard his sensei is around, perhaps I shall ask if he has seen Ree ^-^;;

I am also worried I may not make it to Lien-cham's and Jani-san's Wedding ._.;; gomen nasai, I believe I may be in Suna at the time, they wish for me to go on a mission for a week and one half.....I must speak with Sakura-san of this also....

Sakura-san if you have a moment, please feel free to visit me ^-^ I would like to discuss what this exchange will consist of ((ooc: plus the rper needs to chat with you DX!!!))....Arigatou!

Já ne....
Sabaku No Gaara
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[23 May 2006|08:03am]
......*grinning*...Neee, nice night last night hai haaiii Karasuu-kuuun.......♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I cannot wait till the next week end ^-^!!!! Risuuu-chaaan!!!!! ;.; my precious student ♥ a very happy day for you indeed!!! I have got you a present also >w> just a little something ^-^;; I thought you might like it...~

Too much to think about @0@ Ree-kun also! I must speak to you about me returning home.....:O

Sakura-san ^-^ are you still interested in coming back to Suna with me as an exchange student? I would be more then happy to take you if Tsunade does not mind...Ah, though o_o Ree-chan will also be there >__>;;....

Ja ne!

Sabaku no Gaara
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[21 May 2006|08:01pm]
Ano, I have to go back to Suna sooner then expected....

I shall try to get everything sorted before I go ^-^;; Ino-chan, I shall ask Ree-kun soon if we can go out sometime, though I am afraid I cannot promise anything....Luckily I only have a few reports left to do....

Reporting backCollapse )

Tsunade-sama, I would like to request for another exchange of students, the elders appreciated the idea of having a cross between countries, so both your trainee ninja's and that of Sunagakure are able to gain new expieriences through training and education of differnet environments....You do not mind if I send out applications do you?

I am also looking for someone to train with, if anyone would not mind I would appreciate it :\

In other news

- Kankurou has a fat ass...And his maggot is disgusting T_T;; It needs to be destroyed......
- Ree-kun is my special little Karasu-chaaan ^-^ ♥
- D: I love Risu-chan!
- T.T;; I am stopping cross dressing as soon as I go back to Suna....*sighs*
- Has anyone seen Haku-chan? ._.
- I do not know when I can make it back to Konoha....Ree-kun we need to talk.... ._.;;
- Gambatte Naruto and Billy for your wedding...though I am sure I was not on your invitation list I hope you have a good celebration none the less.....
- I shall be leaving at the end of May ^-^;

Ja ne~

Sabaku no Gaara
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