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Sabaku No Gaara

¤リㄧ ちゃん あいしてる!!!¤

19 January
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I am known as Sabaku No Gaara, I used to love only myself, believe that I could live only for myself, but over the years.....I have been shown loves true worth, and so, to prove I could be more....Than just a mere tool created through fear in order to protect my village....I shall show, that I am able to do this, without harming, without penetrating fear into people eyes....I want you to understand, I can be so much more.....Than just a weapon....To become Kazekage of my village, and as Kazekage, I would promise to keep my word and aid my people into a better future......

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Sabaku No Gaara, I live to protect those in need of protecting.....

My boyfriend since 14th May 2005 ^w^

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Lock Ree Is CUTE Aggressive Love!!!

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ReeKaze is Cute/Sadistic/Kyuubi's Love

Age: 16

Blood type: AB

DOB: 19/1

♥ ree ♥, chocolate, chocolate fudge cake, cookies, fudge, gourds, haku, kai, kittens, kyuubi-kun, lee, lee-chan, leeeee!!!!, liver, lock ree, love, not naruto, protecting my village, ree, ree!!! ree-san, ree-chan :3, ree-kun, reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!, rock lee, salted tongue, sand